Hello everyone,

here's a list of personal endeavors and how to solve them as quickly as possible. Felisean made it for the DPS league. Pete and I made some minor modifications for our fleet.

This list will be updated or optimized any time we or you find something new or better!

Space Endeavors Deal Damage:

Deal Antiproton Damage => Antiproton weapons | Pets: Swarmer
Deal Disruptor Damage => Disruptor weapons | Pets: To’Duj, Stinger Fighter | KDF Fleet Support
Deal Kinetic Damage => Torpedoes | Gravity Well | Fleet Support | various pets
Deal Phaser Damage  => Phaser weapons | Pets: Perigrine Fighters | FED Fleet Support
Deal Physical Damage => Destabilized Resonance Beam | Temporal Operative skill tree
Deal Plasma Damage  => Plasma weapons | Pets: Scorpion Fighters | ROM Fleet Support
Deal Polaron Damage => Polaron weapons | Vanguard Wingmen | Jem'Hadar Fleet Support
Deal Tetryon Damage => Tetryon weapons | Nukara T5/T6 Active Ability | Pets: Tholian Mesh Weaver

Space Endeavor Destroy Targets:

Destroy Targetable Torpedos => Patrol: Carraya System (near New Romulus) | PvE: "CCA" (shards) > "Undine Assault" (planet killer) -> take FAW build
Destroy Terran Empire Ships => BZ: Badlands (near DS9) | PvE: "Counterpoint"
Destroy Terran Empire Ships in Battlezone => BZ: Badlands (near DS9)
Destroy Voth Ships  => Transwarp Sphere Allied Space, take shuttle to ground BZ, beam up.
Destroy Tzenkethi Ships => PvE: "Tzenkethi Front" > "Gravity Kills"
Destroy Tzenkethi Ship in Gon’Cra Battlezone => BZ: Tzenkethi (Alpha Quadrant top left corner)
Destroy Undine Ships => PvE: "Undine Assault" | BZ: Dyson Undine Space BZ
Destroy Undine Ships in the Dyson Battlezone => BZ: Dyson Undine Space BZ
Destroy Hur’q Frigates => PvE: "Swarm" | Episode: “Home”
Destroy Borg Ships => PvE: "Infected the Conduit"
Destroy Herald Ships => PvE: "Gateway to Gre'thor" | Episode: "Blood of Ancients"
Destroy Dreadnaughts => PvE: "Hive Onslaught" (Advanced/Elite: 9) > "Infected the Conduit" (2)
Destroy Tholians => PvE: "Azure Nebula Rescue" > "Crystalline Catastrophe" | Patrol: Archer System (Beta quadrant: most right side, middle height)

Space Endeavor Healing:

Hull Healing => Regenerative Integrity Field, Reiterative Structural Capacitor | Hazard Emitter, Engineering Team, Aux2Sif
Shield Healing => Biomolecular Shield Bubble | Science Team, Transfer Shield Strength

Ground Endeavors Deal Damage:

Deal Antiproton Damage
  => Antiproton weapons, Advanced Herald Antiproton Beam Projector, Omega Force Autocarbine
Deal Disruptor Damage  => Disruptor weapons, Boolean Cannon, Klingon Honor Guard Pulsewave Rifle
Deal Kinetic Damage  => TR-116B Rifle - Sniper Rifle | kit modules: Graviton Spike, Chroniton  Mines, Mortars
Deal Phaser Damage  => Phaser weapons, Phaser M.A.C.O. Battle Rifle, Compression Rifle, Type II Phaser Compression Pistol (c. 2285)
Deal Physical Damage => Replica Thompson Submachine Gun, Zefram Cochrane's Shotgun, meele weapons | kit module: Harmonic Resonance Device
Deal Plasma Damage => Plasma weapons, Na'kuhl Temporal Operative Minigun
Deal Polaron Damage => Polaron weapons, Jem'Hadar Polaron Full Auto Rifle | kit module: Polaron Bombardement Module
Deal Tetryon Damage  => Tetryon weapons, Duelist Decompression Pistol

Ground Endeavor Defeat Enemies:

Defeat Gorn on Nimbus => Gorn Canyon (hop instance often)
Defeat Hur’q Attendants => Episode: “Home”
Defeat Terran Empire => PvE :"Assault on Terok Nor"
Defeat Captains => PvE: "Into the Hive" (Elite drones) | BZ: Defera (Elite drones deep in city)
Defeat Undine  => PvE: "Undine Infiltration" | Episode: "Mindscape"
Defeat Tholians => BZ: Nukara (below Drozana) | PvE: "Nukara Transdimensional Tactics" > PvE "Nukara Self Destructive Tendencies"
Defeat Tholians (Ground Adventure Zone) => BZ: Nukara (below Drozana) | PvE "Nukara Transdimensional Tactics" > "Nukara Self Destructive Tendencies"
Defeat Borg => BZ: Defera | PvE: "Into the Hive"
Defeat Dewan Arthropods => kill scorpions on Nimbus 3
Defeat Voth => Dyson Ground BZ (Transwarp to Sphere Allied Space, take shuttle to ground BZ)
Defeat Voth in Battlezone => Dyson Ground BZ (Transwarp to Sphere Allied Space, take shuttle to ground BZ)
Defeat Tzenkethi => Episode: “Of Signs and Portents”
Defeat Vaadwaur => BZ: Kobali (Delta Quadrant) | Episode: "All that glitters"
Defeat Gorn on Nimbus 3 => go Gorn Canyon (hop instance often)

Ground Endeavor Healing:

Shield Healing => BZ: Nukara, PvE: "Nukara Transdimensional Tactics" -> get inside an acid pool and regenerate the shield with a generator (eng toon) or use shild charges.
Body Healing => BZ: Nukara, PvE: "Nukara Transdimensional Tactics" -> Take off suit, get burned and use a medical generator or hypos.

Complete TFO Endeavors:

Complete Competitive Wargames TFOs => PvE "Binary Circuit"
Complete Lukari TFOs => PvE: "Tzenkethi Front" > "Gravity Kills"
Complete Borg TFOs => PvE: "Infected the Conduit" > "Cure Found" > "Khitomer Vortex"
Complete Iconian TFOs => PvE: "Brotherhood of the Sword" > "Bug Hunt" > "Gateway to Greathor" > "Herald Sphere"

Other Endeavors:

Gain Salvage => Buy Mk IX Ground Gear from NPC Vendor (ESD as example)
Harvest Materials (Ground) => Episode "Sphere of Influence" -> Scan is direct at start. Beam out afterwards and repeat.
Harvest Materials (Space) => Patrol: Japori System (near New Romulus)
Win Gold Pressed Latinum => Play Dabo at Quarks