12. May 2024
This is my fan artwork of the Kivouachian called "Yeshua" from the book "AMYGDALA".

19. July 2023
"Family Portrait"
This picture shows Reptile's whole family! You can see Reptile, Valeris, Lunefer und Cynrik jr.

03. July 2023
"Neon Nitha"
Nitha in a new style: CYBERPUNK, yay!!!

04. June 2023
"Scaly Feet"
Reptile is relaxing at the beach...

12. April 2023
"Forge your Destiny"
Drakon Fireblade is forging his legendary sword...

07. March 2023
"Reptile Cynrik 2023"
The latest character sheet of Reptile!

09. October 2022
The final battle between Reptile and Devon!

18. July 2022
"Corvax Blackfeather"
This is the fantasy LARP character "Corvax Blackfeather" - a raven mage!

07. July 2022
"Lifeguard Reppy"
Reptile is a lifeguard!

23. April 2022
Reptile, Valeris and Kyle fight against a horde of Undead!

20. February 2022
"Beach Bar"
This artwork shows Reptile hanging out at the beach bar.

07. January 2022
"Beach Beauty"
This artwork shows Valeris hanging out at the beach.

***HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022***

26. December 2021
"A Wondrous Woman"
This artwork shows my friend's girlfriend posing as a superhero - inspired by "Wonder Woman"!

27. October 2021
This artwork shows the lizard Aldqueath sitting in a forest and waiting for a very special someone...

10. August 2021
"The future is bright"
This artwork shows the LARP charakter "Corvax Blackfeather" and a green dragon.

07. July 2021
"25th Anniversary"
This is some kind of remake of an older artwork... it's a scene from my very first comic - the very first time you saw Reptile on papar! And since this is his 25th anniversary it was only cool to remember this time with a new, traditional artwork!

09. May 2021
"The Masters"
My favourite characters dressing up as "Masters of the Universe"...

30. March 2021
"Out of Cryosleep"
Gift artwork for a friend of mine.

28. February 2021
"The Reptile Universe"
25th anniversary: This is a collection showing over 30 characters from my fantasy universe!

17. January 2021
"F2-2021: The Adventures of Patrick and Steffen"
A brand new version of "The Fantastic 2" - Patrick and Steffen. This is a design for a possible kids cartoon.

03. January 2021
"Beach Party"
Reptile and Valeris are playing beach volleyball.

***HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021***

29. December 2020
This is a pencil portrait showing the swedish pop band "Roxette". The picture shows Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson from the year 1989!

26. December 2020
"Digital Harvest"
A character-sheet for the latest member of the "G-Raptors"! He's the hacker of the group and a troodon.

20. December 2020
Our king poodle "Cherry". He was 17 years old!

02. December 2020
"Guess who is back"
DRAKON FIREBLADE is back - after 7 years!

16. October 2020
Reptile and Hazard are playing LASERTAG!

16. July 2020
"Shy Legoshi"
Legoshi and Haru... together at last... but still so strange.

06. July 2020
"Dragon Rider"
Reptile flies with his water dragon Safur to new adventures!

26. April 2020
"Lonely Louis"
Another main character from the ANIME/MANGA "BEASTARS"!

19. April 2020
"World of Warcraft"
This fan artwork shows the characters Ravenhoof (Tauren) and Danok (Ork) - both warriors of the HORDE!

10. April 2020
"Unholy Ritual"
Reptile and Kyle are trying to stop an unholy ritual...

30. March 2020
"Happy Legoshi"
And we have Legoshi from the manga "BEASTARS" again - but this time it's my very own style and it is also more similar to the manga.

21. March 2020
"Pool Party"
A younger Reptile enjoying his swimming pool - a new artwork from my "Swimsuit Edition"! ^^

18. March 2020
"Lonely Legoshi"
The main character from the ANIME/MANGA "BEASTARS"!

11. March 2020
"Reptile Cynrik Character Design Sheet 2020"
The latest design of my character "Reptile"!

29. February 2020
"Spyro Fanboi"
Hazard likes SPYRO very much... he even wants to be like that cool dragon!