25. August 2019
"A desperate deal"
Reptile is asking a powerful dragon lord for suppoert against Devon and the army of undead.

14. July 2019
A fan artwork about the video game "Kenshi" - suitable as a desktop wallpaper!

21. April 2019
"Triple Force"
This is an action poster showing my three main characters: Reptile, Valeris and Kyle! After a long time I'm finally really satisfied with my new artwork... especially Valeris looks really good! ^^

27. January 2019
"A beautiful rear can also endear"
Here is a new poser from my ongoing series "Power of Training" in which you can marvel at Reptile's body and how his muscle build progresses over the years. This time, I have a very defined view of his back muscles! ^^

22. December 2018
"Reptile: Human Form"
Here is a new character sheet of Reptile and also a fun little design of a human form! At one point in my stories it was necessary to blend in as a human... and this is how he could look like!

11. November 2018
"Snap out of it"
Devon tries to gain control over Reptile. Luckily, Valeris is there to the rescue!

01. August 2018
Kyle and Reptile are taking shelter from the rain in a dark cave.

16. July 2018
"MLP Reptile 2018"
The latest design of my character "Reptile" as an OC in the MLP-universe. He's a unicorn there which has special magical powers!

06. May 2018
"20% COOLER"
Another Reptile posing and flexing his muscles. This is a modern version again but also the latest/current design!

11. March 2018
"Protect, Construct and Conquer"
The ponies Tempest Shadow and Hazard Redmane are building their machinery of war...

***HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!!!***

17. December 2017
"Face your Destiny"
Devon is back and he's more powerful than before!

16. December 2017
"Digital Harvest"
A pony-cyborg who can hack data and computers. He's new in the RHC!

18. November 2017
"Sleepy Time"
Hazard Redmane is sleeping in his bed - surrounded by his beloved plushies! ^^

22. August 2017
Reptile, Valeris and Xevon are being attacked by a horde of demons in a dark cave. This is a remake of an old comic page!

03. August 2017
"Reptile Portrait 2017"
Just a new portrait of REPTILE!

08. July 2017
"I won't let you down"
Hazard Redmane is helping his friend Reptile.

20. April 2017
"DJ: Friendly Fox"
A new pencil drawing of the friendly muscle-fox DJ! :3  And look: A Reppy-plushie is also here...

11. April 2017
"Medieval Lewis Wilmot"
This is the mercenary version of the character "Lewis Wilmot" from a medieval fantasy universe.

07. January 2017
"Monster Hunter"
Long before Reptile met the first humans he had to fight for his survivial each day. And this scene shows such a day... what a disgusting monster he has to face, right?