To make piloting easier I use a key bind file. Nothing special; with it I just bind a few offensive boff abilities to space-bar which normally fires my weapons only. That way I can concentrate better on captain’s and sci abilities not to mention the positioning of my ship.

How is your Key Bind file set up?

1) Download my Key Bind file (Line5.txt) in the attachment of this post and save it ony our computer for example in C:\STOKeybinds\ (create a respective folder "STOKeybinds" or whatever). You need to copy-paste the text and save it to a new .txt file with the title Line5.txt (in case the download does not create an independent text file)!!! Or you just use "save link as" by using the right click of your mouse.

2) Back in game type the command where u bring up the root to the saved position of the txt file and load it there by

/bind_load_file C:\STOKeybinds\Line5.txt

in chat. You need to load the file only one time -but- for all of your toons each.

How do I use your Key Bind file then?

3) While in space select row #5 in your tray.

4) Drag all abilities you like to bind to space-bar into row #5 now. Attention: the abilities will be activated from right->left or last->first (so not from left to right how most people read).

5) While in combat continuously keep on pressing space-bar. One by one your bound abilities will activate alongside firing your weapons then.

6) At any time you can change the slotted abilities in row #5 or just throw them out if you don't need them anymore.

What abilities should I bind in what order?

Since bound to space-bar I’d go with offensive boff abilities you cycle all the time anyway plus the launch of pets which I often tend to forget. From right->left I usually go with:

eptw=>tacteam=>kemo=>apb=>faw=>epts=>launch pets.

Your Key Binds are poo, how do I get rid of them b4 I use my own?

Type in chat: /unbind all

While my Key Binds are rather minimalistic there are a lot of ways to expand on this. For example one could bind all heals on another key by expanding the file for another row. Feel free to experiment. Whatever you do the aim should be to make piloting your ship as easy as possible so you concentrate better on the tasks at hand instead of looking which buttons to push every few seconds.

The keybind file has been expanded to now linclude row 6 (hotkey "C") and 7 (hotkey "E") of your tray!