Hey guys!

This thread is supposed to give the players of our fleets a chance to take a closer look at my PvE builds. You can see them by clicking on the respective STO Academy links. Depending on the time I have on my hands I keep those links updated to better reflect what I currently use in game. Don’t worry if you fly other ships. Most of the important gear selections I made can simply be converted onto your favorite vessels as well. All my builds are heavily based on the stuff my friends from the STO-League use but some modifications are necessary to keep me in a position where I can better cope with casual pugs while still being able to play along in competent teams. I either use doff mechanics like Aux2Bat or Drake and Zemoks to minimize the cool down of abilities or rely on starship traits Peak Efficiency or Improved Photonic Officer for that. To boost the power levels on my ships the starship trait Supremacy is sometimes used.

I order my builds thematically and highlight the important stuff on the fly:

Fire at Will spammer:

Such builds are centered around a continuous rotation of Emergency Power to Weapons + Attack Pattern + Beam Fire at Will. Emergency Weapons Cycle and Redirecting Arrays are considered to be the best starship traits to have for this.

Telora’s Miracle Worker Connie

Peter’s Scimitar

Kinetic bomber:

Kinetic builds have a few other gear and trait choices than one would use on energy centric ships. Abilities of interest are Torpedo: Spread, Kemocite-Laced Weaponry, Structural Integrity Collapse and Concentrate Firepower. The terran and dyson joint command weapon sets are the cornerstones of my build which focuses on photon torpedoes.

First's Tzenkethi Dreadnought Carrier 

Cannon Builds:

My cannon ships are build around Cannon Scatter Volley and the respective starship trait Withering Barrage. On occasion Cannon: Rapid Fire is favored (end of HSE/FEZ) so I ended up installing it as secondary option on some builds. Emergency Weapons Cycle triggered by Emergency Power to Weapons is standard as well again. 

Neela’s Vaadwaur Juggernaut

Connor’s Jem'Hadar Vanguard Warship

Raider and Escorts have a special experimental weapon. Good performer there at the moment seem to be the Graviton Implosion Charges.

V'Nah's Maquis Raider


On tanks Threatening Stance is turned on and the cruiser command Attract Fire can be used. To generate further aggro there is the useful starship trait History Will Remember, Weapon Signature Amplifier consoles as well as securty duty officer who work in conjunction with Attack Pattern Delta.
When aggro of the critters is caught it needs to be absorbed. The starship trait Honored Dead, the boff ability Reverse Shield Polarity with the doff that extends its duration or consoles like Protomatter Field Projector and Reiterative Structural Capacitor can be major assets here.
K’ris’ Shepard

Halo’s Miracle Worker cruiser


My support roles in PvE are inspired by the concept of damage resistance reduction of enemy critters. Additional task are crowd control and heals for the supported player so that he can go full offensive. All in all I sacrifice some of my own damage potential so that the supported player finds enough hit points to melt in his vicinity.
Cabal’s Tarantula

Chameleon’s Recluse

Science Ships:

Best advice is to get a deteriorating secondary deflector, slot some sci powers that trigger it and boost the EPG stats of your ship. The first of my two science builds is more of a hybrid with a regular energy build as the respective ship is a dreadnought with 7 gun ports and therefore I decided to keep most investment into tactical stats.

Zarlotte’s Annorax

If one flies a regular sci ship it can pay off to go entierly into the exotic aspect. One can do this well by utilizing the Particle Focuser Science Consoles boosting science stats. The tac console slots become slots for universal consoles then, especially those granting bonus exotic damage. With aux power set to max and not much weapons power left for energy weapons torpedos form a good synergy especially when they also feed from EPG like the Particle Emission Plasma and Gravimetric Photon Torpedos.   

Imp’s Crossfield Science Vanguard

That’s it so far. A bit of explanation as to what game mechanics I use a lot on my PvE builds is given in the dated Neela's Critical Approach.